Betsayda Machado & Parranda El Clavo


Our first project was born out of Betsayda Machado’s voice. She is currently one of the most representative singers in Venezuelan traditional music. After working together in a couple of projects, we wanted to find out where her voice came from: El Clavo, in Barlovento, is a community with rich tradition and Betsayda’s hometown. In this little town we met Parranda El Clavo, a 30-year old group of natural musicians in Afro Venezuelan drums with exceptional talent and charisma.

Now we are preparing for the first international tour of Betsayda Machado & Parranda El Clavo that will begin by midyear 2016 in their hometown. A caballo nos vamos pal norte Canada tour will materialize in July and will reach six different cities.

Additionally, the first album of Betsayda Machado & Parranda El Clavo is now in postproduction and will consist of twelve songs recorded in an outside studio set in El Clavo. Sound engineer Darío Peñaloza 2014 Grammy winner, is in charge of mixing the CD.